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Kurrents is a cultural association founded in order to create temporary spaces for interventions in the flow of images of the so called cultural differences. Our activities are guided by an affirmative politics of singularity and the dialectic of the serious and the playful. Kurrents organizes events with artists, leading intellectuals and conference programs. We also hold courses and work as a publisher.

In 2008, the main event was a two-day long conference program with sessions, keynotes, film projections and experimental music in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference is intended to create a space for reflections upon possibilities of radical politics today.

The program for 2009 is organized under the title "What Is the Common?". It is again a co-organized event together with invited artists, researchers and internationally leading intellectuals. Our intention is to investigate different axes related to the common as both a real force and an idea. As such the common permeates such diversified domains as artistic practice, law, economy and gender relations.