VII: Sonorously Political


Sonorously Political

The sonorous landscape of the industrial capitalism gave rise to some of the most acute political topics in artistic practice and opened up for new aesthetic inventions. An unprecedented explosion of human invention has been the result; from early Wagnerian untimely epic works to Schoenberg's break with the tonal doxa and later to Stockhausen who already announces the closure of an epoch.

Today, a set of new factors and conditions are to be taken into consideration:
the shifts in the sonorous landscape after the transformations of the mode of production since the seventies, the prevelance of the computational operations in the sonorous landscape of everyday life, the rapid movements of capital and displacement of labour and knowledge, and finally the increasing differentiation between the residential zones for the functionaries of the capital and a majority defined as excluded or exiled. 

The quidity, the "what is" of the contemporary accoustic interventions resides in its specific difference in relation to both popular cultures on the one side and the academic music on the other. The focus of the session is the zone of experimental creation in which noise, assemblage, accumulation of sounds or ironic excavations of commercialized sounds make up different and sometimes opposing artistic approaches to the contemporary reality. We welcome discussions that investigates the possible formal and acoustic connections between the artistic inventions and the political.

chair: Jan Ling, vice
chancellor for the university, Professor emeritus in Musicology
Invited Artists/Keynotes:

Dror Feiler, Composer, Musician and Political activist

Richard Pinhas, Musician and theoretician