Sat.Nov1 15.30-17.30

IV:Globalization and Fluid Politics: Oil, War & Hegemony

The session deals with the implications of the increasingly crucial role of the flow of energy in the contemporary capitalism. The impact of oil economy on the political situations inside the global order are the main focus of the session.



Cyrus Bina

Oil, War, and Hegemony: Between Appalling Lies and the Appealing "Bullshit"

Read his paper here

Other texts by Cyrus Bina:

America's Bleeding 'Cakewalk' (Article in EPS Quarterly 2007)

Cyrus Bina & Chuck Davis: Contingent Labor and Omnipotent Capital: The Open Secret of Political Economy (Article in Political Economy Quarterly 2008)


Fabian Balardini

Marx's Theory of Market Value and Producer Behavior in the International Oil Market