Program Day One
10.00-12.00 I: Code Circuits: Knowledge Transmission and Cognitive Capitalism
Participants: Mikela Lundahl (chair), Andrew Goffey, Johannes Lunneblad & Maj Asplund Carlsson,
Samine Tabatabaei
10.00-12.00 II: Society of Control & New Technologies of Surveillance
Participants: Karl Palmås (chair), Marietta Radomska, Mark Klamberg, Kerstin Elias
Video from session
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-15.00 III: Intangible Assets and Crisis of Financial Capitalism
Key Note: Yann Boutang; Participants: Antoine Rebiscoul, Andrea Fumagalli
15.00-15.30 Coffee Break
15.30-17.30 IV:Globalization and Fluid Politics: Oil, War & Hegemony
Key Note: Cyrus Bina; Participants: Fabian Balardini
19.00 Dinner
21.00 Interventions: Richard Pinhas / Dror Feiler




A Conference

November 1 & 2, 2008
Gothenburg, Sweden

Antonio Negri

Yann Boutang

Cyrus Bina

Cognitive Capital and Spaces of Mobility is a cross-disciplinary international conference that addresses the transformation of sociopolitical conditions in contemporary global capitalism.

The objective is to explore the field between economic investigation and conceptual projects that aim to re-define the political in the contemporary historical conjuncture. The contributions are organized around a variety of themes such as political economy, aesthetic, the notion of subjectivity as well as urban studies and emerging forms of resistance. Nevertheless, the specific difference of current state of capitalism, the significance of mobility of people and commodities and the future of emancipatory projects remain the principal and co-related questions addressed by this conference.

The conference is an initiative by the association Currents. It is organized in cooperation with School of Global Studies, CEFOS, MUSEION at University of Gothenburg and with the support from Cultural Affairs, Västra Götalands Region, and Framtidens Kultur.

About the Organization

The conference is organized upon an original proposal by Dr Dariush Moaven Doust. He is also responsible for the organization of the conference and the head of the Scientific committee in which Tomas Jonsson, researcher at CEFOS, Professor emeritus Sven-Eric Liedman, History of Ideas, Professor Lennart Nilsson, CEFOS, Mikaela Lundahl head of Museion Interdisciplinary Centre, Sylva Frisk, Director of Studies at the School of Global Studies participate. The host for the conference is the School of Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences.