Form D.M. Doust

Web T. Jonsson



Constructing the Common in Contemporary China

The Chinese experience during the whole twentieth century informed and inspired the intellectual and political debates all over the world. China is also the single most important society that is still formally associated with the communist and post-colonial projects of the last century. China's growing presence within the global capitalism, the ongoing historical transformation of demographic, sociological conditions in today's China make “The Chinese Question” an important point on any agenda towards the construction of a common cause beyond the current global relations of production and the mode of distribution of wealth.

The session is organized upon a special invitation from the conference organiser, Dariush Moaven Doust.


“The Village Commune in Contemporary China: Its History and Status”,
Professor LU Kejian, Institute for Contemporary Marxism

“Problems in the definition of Private Property and the notion of Wealth”,
Professor HAN Lixin, Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University

“The Changing Idea of ‘Collectivism’ in Contemporary China?1949—2009”,
Professor YANG Xuegong, Department of Philosophy, Beijing University